Our Partners We are the official representative and sole distributor for Saati, which is a precision synthetic woven mesh producer based in Italy, and Sandler, which is a non-woven media producer based in Germany.

Precision Synthetic Woven Mesh

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Non-Woven Media

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What we do We specialise in mesh and non-woven media. We have solutions ranging from procurement of fabric from one of our international partners to customisation of fabric as per your requirement. Find out more about our in-house equipment below:

  • Chemical Etching

    Chemical Etching
    We use a combination of photo-chemical machining processes with , , and technology to produce high-precision stainless steel filters, which is ideal for customers looking to build prototypes or for short production runs. We also offer guided technical assistance with design and perforation selection as part of our industrial filter manufacturing services to meet your requirements.

    Roll Bending Machine
    Edge-Forming Machine
    Press-Forming Machine
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  • Mesh Conversion

    Mesh Conversion
    We can cut, shear, heat, co-slit, and weld your mesh using our slitting, die-cutting, laser-cutting and ultrasonic-welding technology. Our expertise and equipment capabilities allow us to cater to highly customised projects. We also offer guided technical assistance for customising your meshes into fabricated filters of any shape.

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  • Injection Moulding

    Injection Moulding
    Our injection moulding machines can fit your mesh onto a custom part. They are capable of delivering from 55 to 480 tonnes of clamping pressure, allowing us to provide a wider range of options to accommodate your filter requirements. All services are done in-house to ensure prompt results, feedback and customisable processes.

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